Work on state-of-the-art technology.

Make an impact on millions of lives.

Be part of an extraordinary team.

Why you'll love to work at Feedzai

Cutting-edge Tech

Wake up every morning knowing that you’ll be working with tech that awes and inspires you.

Fighting Cybercrime

Our work protects people from losing their money and identities to fraudsters who fuel organized crime.

People to look up to

Be part of a team that always has your back and is made of some of the top experts in their field.

Culture of Learning

Feedzai was founded by university professors, so we really love to learn, do research and innovate.

It's beyond work: we want you to thrive!

Experience the most meaningful growth of your career. The best part of being in a fast-growing organization is that we get to grow fast ourselves. But it's not just about work, it's about the incredible people you will be working with and the impact you have in the world.

Our Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Food and snacks
  • Culture of Learning
  • Paternity/Maternity Programs
  • Personal Time Off
  • Hardware and software
  • Offsites and happy hours
  • Flexible Work Hours

Join 400+ Feedzaians all over the world

Our offices are located in Atlanta, Coimbra, Hong Kong, London, Lisbon, New York, Porto and San Mateo. Soon we’ll be expanding into other cities.

Work with 40+ of the biggest companies out there

Help build the technology that makes the world safer

When you click “Buy,” or log into an account, or withdraw money from an ATM, our technology processes hundreds of fraud signals for the transaction and flags suspicious abnormalities with hypergranular accuracy. And it does this in milliseconds. This is only possible by merging the best software engineering with machine learning.

Each day, we score around $3 billion in transactions and protect millions of dollars and millions of identities from being stolen.

The problem we’re solving is big, and it’s growing. In 2016, criminals stole the identities of 15.4 million US consumers. In 2017, they added 1.3 million more victims, stealing $16.8 billion in total. Much of this money ends up funding the earth’s most serious organized crime.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Pedro Faria

Director of Engineering

Feedzai is nimble and yet relentless. You are surrounded by a restless and energized environment where overcoming challenges and pushing frontiers is a daily goal.

That is true for technical and business/industry problems alike, and we tackle very difficult problems in both dimensions. There is a constant stream of challenges and opportunities, coupled with a culture of collaboration and continuous learning as the way to succeed.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Mariana Lourenço

Data Scientist

At Feedzai, I get to work in a talented team with the industry's top names. We witness Feedzai's quick growth with new challenges and new things to learn everyday. Even as we scale, our exciting and collaborative culture has not changed.

I joined Feedzai more than 2 years ago and I have seen us keeping our enthusiastic work environment. It feels great to know that our work is turning us into a well-known and influential start-up.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Ivo Correia

Software Engineer

Working for Feedzai has been a true challenge, both in professional and personal terms. With clients spread all over the world, it has been an unique opportunity for me to travel, meet new cultures, learn and grow.

You won't always have somebody telling you what to do, so when tackling new challenges, you will have to do a lot of research and experiments, and learn from your mistakes. However, there is always a wonderful team ready to jump in and help you moving forward. That is exactly what you need if you want to become a better engineer, manager or data scientist.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Margarida Ruela

Data Scientist

At Feedzai I am constantly being challenged and, even though challenges are not always easy, that is what motivates me the most. I have lived abroad in Brazil and in the United States; I have learned new tools; I have worked in delivery and in product; among other challenges.

Equally motivating is the fact that I am surrounded by incredible professionals with a very diversified background that are there to support me when needed and with whom I am constantly learning.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Mauro Martins

Product Delivery Manager

Being a Tech Manager at Feedzai is very challenging. You have to deal with many different teams, in many different locations, and with many different cultures.

Feedzai is at the forefront and leading the way tiward fighting fraud on a global scale. Every single feature development is something that challenges us to go beyond the simple product execution.

What it's like working at Feedzai...

Daniel Greiller

Sales Director

In almost 15 years of financial sales I’ve sold market leading products at several different companies all with great teams. I used to believe I knew what an “A-Player” looked like. Working at Feedzai has opened my eyes. What was great performance at other places, is simply ok here. What was true grit at other companies, is every-day average here. Whether it is Sales, Engineering, Data Science or anyone else, the whole team at Feedzai are genuinely brilliant, and I have to continuously better myself to keep up.

I’ve had to grow more as a person, and as a professional, here than at any other company. The commitment to being excellent comes from the top and while it has rarely been comfortable, I’ve learnt things I never thought I would, and achieved things I never thought I could, surrounded by the best team I’ve ever worked with, selling the best product I’ve ever seen.

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