This is Feedzai

As we continue to grow and welcome more Feedzaians across the globe, our culture, mission, and values must echo in every one of us.

Our Values

Where ambition meets opportunity

Feedzaians are dynamic, tenacious, and driven by our passion to fight financial fraud and crime with our socially responsible products. Our goals might seem ambitious, but with a disruptive mission like ours, we’re up for the challenge. We don’t give up when facing adversity, nor do we slow down our fast pace. The good we do here can change the world—and it will—because we’re committed to building something extraordinary.

Where ambition meets opportunity

We value the insatiably curious

Feedzaians believe in taking action. We keep our minds open, our curiosities piqued, and our aspirations high. We make bold moves, and although we don’t always get it perfect on the first try, we don’t let setbacks define us. When you’re solving the demanding problems we face, it’s only in our ability to embrace change and chaos that we can make a world-changing impact.

We value the insatiably curious

We’re fueled by our unshakable team spirit

Our differences make us stronger. Feedzaians have sharp intellect, strong work ethic, and humility. With a collaborative team spanning across the globe, our diverse perspectives help us think bigger and constantly learn. We’re always there to support teammates when they stumble and enable each other to keep reaching higher. It’s this team spirit and trust that let us go further together.

We’re fueled by our unshakable team spirit

We’re free to shape our future

We grow at a fast clip and believe no challenge is too big or too small. Our fast-paced and open environment encourages us to lean in, try new things, and discover our potential. We’re empowered to spark change every day, influencing the trajectory of our company and ourselves.

We’re free to shape our future

We believe in the power of our products

Our products have a magnitude of impact. From fighting financial fraud and crime to developing ethical products, we’re proud of what we do. The challenges we tackle are getting more complex, but we’ll never stop pushing forward to overcome them. That’s what makes our big (and small) wins so much more rewarding.

We believe in the power of our products

The Feedzai Codebook

What makes a Feedzaian a Feedzaian? Our Code Book has the answer! Download your copy here.






Global Offices


Countries Supported

Where Feedzaians Work

With our Flex / Remote work policies, Feedzaians work in 16+ countries across the globe, including having ten office locations globally.

Remote Locations

At Feedzai, we believe in the power of inclusivity. We have a Flex / Remote work policy that allows talent to come from across the globe. Below are the countries where you can find Feedzaians working.


Brazil (EOR)


Colombia (EOR)



Hong Kong

India (EOR)



Philippines (EOR)

Poland (EOR)




Sweden (EOR)



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