At Feedzai, we value the insatiably curious, and having interns throughout our organization makes us stronger. They bring a diverse way of looking at opportunities, have innovative and fresh ideas, and facilitate trying new things.

“Working at Feedzai has been a breeze. I could not have asked for a better first job. Everyone, from my closest team members to the other people in the office, is super inclusive and open to helping me. I really like being a part of research in this company where I get to work towards something innovative and actually useful every day!”

Diogo Duarte

Data Visualization Intern

“I felt really welcomed by everyone with a lot of support, help, and joy! One of the most important things was the fact that I was treated as a colleague and not as an intern. My manager always backed me up and made me understand that what we do has a real impact for the company. If I could summarize my experience in just one word, it would be blossom.”

Maria Ribeiro

Controllership Intern

“As a research intern at Feedzai, I am really enjoying my first real work experience. The opportunity to step into the world of machine learning and utilize state-of-the-art algorithms has been truly captivating. The company provides an incredible platform for me to expand my knowledge and skills in this rapidly evolving field. What truly sets Feedzai apart is its brilliant and welcoming community. ”

Tiago Pinto

Research Intern

“Since joining Feedzai as a Research Intern for my Master's Thesis, my journey has been an inspiring adventure of growth and learning. The culture of innovation and collaboration, combined with invaluable mentorship from senior researchers, has expanded my knowledge and provided valuable insights.”

Mariana Lima

Research Intern

“Joining Feedzai’s AI research team to develop my master's thesis in Data Science and Engineering has been an extraordinary experience from day one. Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of learning from highly qualified people in the field. Not only have my colleagues guided my research and given me a wealth of knowledge in data science, but they have also taught me essential communication skills.”

Jean Alves

Research Intern

"I have been an intern at Feedzai for nearly two months, and I must say that the experience thus far has been incredibly enriching. The Product Marketing team has truly been exceptional. They have provided unwavering support, consistently challenged me to grow, and valued my input and opinions. This combination of factors has created the ideal environment for my personal and professional development during this internship."

Beatriz Cordeiro

Product Marketing Intern

“Throughout my time in Feedzai, I acquired valuable analytical and management skills, enabling me to effectively handle complex tasks. Moreover, I honed my ability to lead and manage teams, guiding them towards success. The work environment was both inspiring and supportive, as my colleagues and supervisors consistently motivated me to reach new heights. Their gratitude and genuine desire to see me thrive made my internship experience truly rewarding. Glad to be a Feedzaian!”

Mafalda Passos

Operations Intern

Internships Opportunities

We offer several different internship opportunities throughout the year and across Feedzai. We generally post our 9-month undergraduate internships by April each year to start that July. We post MBA internships a few times a year.

If you don’t find an internship you are interested in or we don’t have internships available at the time. Please join our Internship Talent Community to be considered for future opportunities.

We don't currently have any roles open

Talent Community

If you don’t find an internship you are interested in or we don’t have internships available at the time. Please join our Internship Talent Community to be considered for future opportunities.

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